Yoga Schedule



9:30-10:30am - Pre & Post Natal (Keval)

11am - Kundalini (Sat Mohine)

4-5pm - Kids Yoga (Sat Mohine) 

6:30pm – Kundalini (Sat Atma)

8pm- Kundalini (Hanspreet)


9:30am -  Hatha Blend (Carrie)

11am - Kundalini (Jap Dharam)

6:30pm - Prenatal Yoga (Dr. Sada Simran) 

8pm - Kundalini (Satjeet) 


9am – Kundalini (Siri Sevak)

11:15am – Hatha/Kundalini (Seva Simran) 

6:30pm – Kundalini (Jap Dharam) 

8pm - Vinyasa Flow (Vanessa)


9:30am - Kundalini (Sat Atma)

11am - Toddler and Me (Keval)

6-7:15pm - Restorative Yoga (Sat Akal)

7:30pm - Flow/ Ashtanga (Meital)


9:30am - Kundalini (Satjeet)

11:15am - Kundalini (Jap Dharam) 

4:30-6pm - Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa (Meital) *$8 Community Class*


9:30am – Kundalini  (Sajjan) 

11am-12:30pm – Kundalini Beginners (Sajjan)


9:30am – Kundalini (Satjeet) 

11am – Kundalini (Nirmaljeet) 

5pm -  Kundalini (Hanspreet)

7-8:30pm - Kundalini & Soundbath (Sat Akal)








Class Descriptions 

Kundalini: Kundalini yoga classes as taught by Yogi Bhajan consist of using breathwork (pranayam), mantras (chanting), meditation, and a kriya (excercises) to raise awareness. Classes are designed for all levels with an intention for each individual to explore and awaken the full creative potential residing in the body, mind, and spirit.

Hatha Blend: This class encourages openness in the body through a heating asana practice-series of physical poses to open and stretch the body, restorative poses, and pranayama. You will be cared for as you develop more strength and flexibility with a guidance on holding your body in proper alignment. All levels of student are welcome.

Hatha/Kundalini: This class blend begins on the physical plane by learning to be present in the body and then moves into the subtle realms of higher energy through a Kundalini kriya. This experience will help you to connect to spirit, allowing you to play, grow, and gain ownership over your life's course.

Flow/ Ashtanga:  In this class you will practice in a flow that has the structure of Ashtanga practice. The Ashtanga structure is supporting you to approach all the main energetic areas of our bodies to release energy blockages through flow and specific postures. This practice supports you in increasing physical strength, flexibility, and well being.  Above all, it shares the tools of how to apply meditation through movement and how to take these qualities from the mat into our everyday lives. 

Prenatal Yoga: This class prepares you for pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood through movement, meditation, lecture and dialog. Self-empowerment is central to the class. The goal is to cultivate connection to your baby and gain confidence to create the birth experience you want. Community building is another aim, as the path to parenthood is gentler when you actualize the support of a village to raise your children. While some partner exercises may be offered, participants will be working individually on their own mat for the majority of this class.

Restorative Yoga: Restorative yoga provides an atmosphere that is relaxing, peaceful, nourishing, and deeply self-healing. Experience longer held poses supported with blankets, blocks, and bolsters. The longer held poses activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which slows the heart rate, dilates the blood vessels, which increases the flow of fresh oxygenated blood, and relaxes the overall nervous system. 

Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa: A class guided step by step and accessible to all.
 Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa is a sequence of postures practiced in a continuous and consistent flow that promotes meditation through movement and rhythm. The practice teaches you to be present in the dynamic motion that is everyday life. We will conclude each practice with Pranayama and meditation.



Single Class $15 - Community class $8 - Kids Yoga $8

New Student Deals - 3 Classes for $30 or 10 Class Pass $100

Regular 10 Class Pass $120

Golden Sol Membership - $180, includes Unlimited Monthly Classes, 10% Off Retail. Auto Renew For 3 months (minimum) For $150!



Classes vary from 60 minutes to 90 minutes, please check schedule for class times and length.