Yoga Schedule:


9:30-10:30am - Flow*$8 Community Class*(Jessica)

11am - Kundalini (Sat Mohine)

4-5pm - Kids Yoga (Sat Mohine) 

6:30pm – Yoga of Joy (Carry)

8pm- Kundalini (Hanspreet)


9:30am -  Kundalini (Jap Dharam)

11am -  Kundalini

6-7pm - Kundalini *By Donation* (Sevak Prem) 

7:15pm - Kundalini (Satjeet)


9am – Kundalini (Siri Sevak)

11:15am – Hatha/Kundalini (Seva Simran) 

6:30pm – Kundalini (Sajjan/Golden) 

8pm - Hatha Blend (Obi)


9:30am - Kundalini (Jap Dharam)

11am - Mommy and Me (Keval)

6-7:15pm - Restorative Yoga (Sat Akal)

7:30pm - Flow I (Jessica)


9:30 am - Kundalini

11:15am - Iyengar Flow (Raquel) 


9am – Hatha, All Levels (Trinity) 

11am-12:30pm – Kundalini Beginners (Sajjan)


9:30am – Kundalini (Satjeet) 

11am – Kundalini (Nirmaljeet) 

7-8:30pm - Kundalini & Soundbath (Sat Akal)








Class Descriptions 

Kundalini: Kundalini yoga classes as taught by Yogi Bhajan consist of using breathwork (pranayam), mantras (chanting), meditation, and a kriya (excercises) to raise awareness. Classes are designed for all levels with an intention for each individual to explore and awaken the full creative potential residing in the body, mind, and spirit.

Hatha: This class encourages openness in the body through a heating asana practice, restorative poses, and pranayama. All levels of student are welcome.

Hatha/Kundalini: This class blend begins on the physical plane by learning to be present in the body and then moves into the subtle realms of higher energy. This experience will help you to connect to spirit, allowing you to play, grow, and gain ownership over your life's course.

Flow I: Classical poses are explored further, at a quicker pace with the incorporation of more FLOW. Students build strength and stamina through holding postures and exploring alignment. Yogis looking to build on their practice and work up a sweat will find that hear in Level 1 Flow.

Iyengar Flow: This is a moderately paced class encouraging self-awareness of the body and breath. Classic postures are broken down, exploring the orientation necessary for proper alignment and structural stability, sprinkled with elements from vinyasa yoga and pranayama (breath work). Props are a common theme, waking and opening the body for a practice that builds strength and relieves stress.

Yoga Blend: This class is a blend of various styles of yoga including hatha with a focus on pranayama, meditation, asana, and emphasis on bandhas for cultivation of strength. The classes are great for beginner and for the experienced practitioners seeking to refine their technique. 

Healing Breath: Is an ancient breath technique that uses a simple 3 part sequence that facilitates a transcendent experience. Each class starts with intention setting and a simple meditation that is followed with the healing breath practice. Your journey is supported with an assortment of earth based shamanic tools; energy work, crystals, plant medicine.


Single Class $15 - Community classes $8 - Kids Yoga $8

New Student Deals - 3 Classes for $30 or 10 Class Pass $100

Regular 10 Class Pass $120

Golden Sol Membership - $180, includes Unlimited Monthly Classes, 10% Off Retail, and 15% Off Massage with Satjeet. Auto Renew For 3 months (minimum) For $150!



Classes vary from 60 minutes to 90 minutes, please check schedule for class times and length.