Dr. Amanda Cohen, DAOM, L.A.c.

Dr. Cohen has opened her acupuncture practice, "Source Point Wellness" at Golden Sol Yoga and Wellness Center. Amanda earned her Master's Degree and Doctoral degree from Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, specializing in stress reduction, stress related diseases, and diminishing the side effects of cancer treatment. Amanda earned her Master's Degree in Health Psychology and Social Ecology from U.C. Irvine and graduated cum laude from Cornell University, majoring in Psychology and Cultural Anthropology.   Amanda helped pioneer a sustainable acupuncture clinic in Kandy, Sri Lanka in 2012 with the One World Health Project. In 2013, she was a clinical intern at the Venice Family Free Clinic, an integrative medical clinic in Santa Monica. Currently, she is a Doctorate Fellow at the Disney Family Cancer Center at Providence Saint Joseph's Medical Center helping to ease the side effects of cancer treatment for her patients. She is also working with a local non-profit to provide free acupuncture to veterans with post traumatic stress disorder and brain injury.

Appointments Available-
Monday: 8-1pm, Tuesday: 11am-8pm, Thursday: 8-5pm, Friday: 8-1pm

Website: Source Point Wellness
amandacohenlac@gmail.com / 424-835-0884