Andrea Lachman is an intuitive empath born in Mexico City. She has lived in Los Angeles most of her life, (which is) where she discovered her gift for reading Tarot. She has studied Advanced Tarot, Hermetic Magical Studies, and the properties of crystals with Naha Armady, a highly respected Hermetic Metaphysician of 25 years. With a humanitarian heart and keen perception, her strength lies in her voice and her ability to effectively communicate Divine Will to those (for whom she reads and who are) seeking personal guidance on the path of the Greater Good.

"I've been intuitive from a very young age. I read my cards to provide guidance in relationships, career and personal growth. Being genuine with my clients about what I see in the cards is essential to my practice. I am here to empower you to be your best self."
(323) 405-1325

30 minutes- $60.00
60 minutes- $90.00
90 minutes- $120.00

Available for private events/parties with a 2 hour minimum- $165.00/hour


"I am certain nothing could have been a more perfect end to a vacation in L.A. Right after a satisfying and delicious breakfast I sought a tarot reading about my professional life from the talented, magnetic, and kind Andrea. She provided my tarot card reading with such insightful accuracy. Her gentle approach addressed the very issues that were being questioned in my professional life. Andrea encouraged my participation to gain a deeper exploration into the meaning of the cards. I was able to achieve better clarity of my circumstances through Andrea’s thoughtful explanation. It was indeed insightful, inspirational and wonderfully accurate. Thank you kindly."- Karan Upmanyu, New York.

Andrea helped me at the most pivotal part of my life. Without going into details that could turn into a full length play or novel... She used her cards in her most unique and humble way, and simply helped facilitate Nature's intelligence so that I wouldn't have to go through all the headache and drama of figuring it out on my own. Because she helped me listen to Nature, I now live in a beautiful home in Flagstaff with the love of my life and "twin flame" (Andrea's words). All my dreams are coming true right before my eyes: a lover who gets me, world traveling, the time to work on my writing projects, and hopefully a family to come. I wouldn't have it any other way, and I give Andrea so much of the credit.  -Ariela Marin, writer

"I had a great reading with Andrea, she's very easy to be around, definitely has a sharp intuition (everything that was about me personally was spot on, but I also had some specific queries about a couple of people and the way she described them, it was like she'd met them and had heart to hearts with them), and completely unpretentious. I've been to one or two readers who seemed to put on a show for me, but Andea was very real, and down to earth. I went way over time because I had so many questions, but she's super nice and didn't mention it at all. I also appreciated that she would explain what she was doing and why, and the different interpretations of the cards. I'm not completely new to tarot, but I'm not an expert either so it was nice to get a full picture. I would definitely go back to her again." - Ginny Rose, teacher.