Jap Kirin - Belinda

Jap Kirin aka Belinda is a KRI Certified level one kundalini teacher.  She’s been practicing yoga for many years, but fell in love with Kundalini Yoga after discovering she lived right around the corner from Golden Sol.  After her second month attending the studio she knew it was meant to be, and immediately enrolled in their teacher training program.  

She spent the majority of her twenties traveling, learning/exploring different healing modalities, and studying under spiritual teachers. She has dedicated her life to gender equality, and works as a female empowerment coach and documentarian filmmaker.  She also hosts and produces a storytelling series called Sacred based on the foundations of the sacred feminine to cultivate and support the community.  She believes that by empowering women through self love, self awareness, and self acceptance we will empower and heal the world.  

Her appreciation for Kundalini Yoga is endless; she views it as an incredible tool to explore one’s true self and fully embrace the notion that we do NOT need something or someone outside ourselves to complete us or to be whole.  That our longing is for a connection to our infinite selves, and the more we honor that, the more we have to offer the world. Sat nam.