Three Ways To Find The Beauty Within



By Marisol Rascon

People close to me know that I can get a little obsessed with makeover shows.

From home design to fashion, and, yes, absolutely drag queen transformations! I love seeing what a little love does to people and spaces. Having had my own journey of self-acceptance I am a sincere advocate for living a life that is true to YOU. I don’t believe you have to look a certain way to be beautiful. I do believe that if you feel good on the inside you are more likely to do good on the outside. There’s no mystery that our environment can have a deep impact on the way we feel and if we hear negative words (from another person or our inner critic) enough times chances are we’ll start to believe it.

These tips are not products you have to buy or reference an outside source to make you feel good - true beauty is an inside job!

Here are 3 simple ways to embody beauty: 

1. In the shower: I love my body.

Hold the eye roll please. I know you may be thinking to yourself, “but I don’t love my body”, then this is the most powerful affirmation to help you replace the inner critic. Let me channel a little RuPaul for you. Does your body not carry you around unconditionally even when you say mean things to it, or even worse ignore it? Does it not have a deep intelligence that is always working to heal? You have to start erasing the trail of criticism left in your mind by images of “beautiful” bodies. Don’t compare, don’t abuse the amazing miracle of your body, and don’t just scrub it down like a dingy floor. It holds all your stories and longings; it’s wild for you. Give it some love.

2. Choose something special.

Yogi Bhajan shared a story in class about a time his teacher arrived to his town and called him for a meeting. He ran home and dressed in a rush, not paying much attention or care to how he got ready. When he arrived his teacher immediately noticed the difference in his appearance and before Yogi Bhajan left commented that he should take more time to put himself together. Embarrassed Yogi Bhajan made a promise to look his very best the following day and never rushed when getting ready again. The point is that even a spiritual master can have an off day and that we all get busy with our lives but the effort to present ourselves with care is not unnoticed. Try adding a fun color, favorite earrings, a dab of your favorite fragrance, you don’t have to prepare for the runway but bring a little care in the process. Adding a little something that reminds you that you're special goes a long way.

3. Bountiful, Blissful, Beautiful.

Attempting to achieve beauty as portrayed by the mainstream is an unrealistic goal, it’s exhausting and just plain damaging. Your radiance will shine from embracing what you have, there is no energy loss in that. I’m grateful for my unconventional family and friends that mirror that beauty radiates from within. My goal is  to love my body and my life always. Though I’ve come a long way I continue to learn and I understand that part of our human condition is that we’ll always be seduced to dance with the negative mind. This meditation is part of my beauty kit, a total gem. It is a quick way to reset the mind to fabulous, the diamonds and pearls will go on with this one!


I know that when you’re happy your smile lights up the room you walk into. It’s the best outfit you can wear. Confidence is not about what you have, it’s about how you feel about yourself. Excel and be Fearless!

<<Meditation Instructions>> (You can also check out more info at 3ho here) 

Excel, Excel, Fearless

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose, with a straight spine. Hands are in Gyan Mudra (tips of the index finger and the thumb touching each other, forming a circle), wrists on the knees or resting comfortably in the lap.  

Inhale deeply, suspend the breath and mentally recite: I am Bountiful. I am Blissful. I am Beautiful.

Exhale completely and hold the breath out as you mentally recite: Excel, Excel, Fearless.

This mantra is for self-esteem and confidence.

Time: 3 minutes at a time, twice a day.

Don’t compare, don’t abuse the amazing miracle of your body, and don’t just scrub it down like a dingy floor. It holds all your stories and longings; it’s wild for you. Give it some love.