To Keep Up . . . You Gotta Make Success a Habit


By Sajjan Kaur

We all have heard adages – “God helps those who help themselves,” “Put Your Big Girl Pants on and Deal with It,” “When Life hands you Lemons, Make Lemonade!” etc. It all seems so puritanical and so darn hard. It goes on and on. None of these seem to offer delight or the promise of any good outcome. They hinge on our effort, which may or may not leave us without God, without pants!! With a host of lemons and maybe some lemonade that no one wants to drink.

When I discovered Kundalini it was like a light went on. Admittedly, the light does go off when I am not practicing and I am watching the news, but when I keep it on and I keep up the heart of our practice I am unstoppable. The remembrance of who we are at the core- radiant, beautiful, expansive- and who we were born to be – happy, healthy, holy is worthy of constant attention. We must shift ourselves into the space of remembering- not striving or starving- remembering that we are Royal and we are worthy is the cornerstone of mental and physical health.

What happens when we remember? Our connection to ourselves and others is deeper and more intimate. We attract the right people, situations, opportunities for personal growth. We can count our blessings and we sleep better! We make better choices around food and who we work for and who we kiss at night, where we live and where we play.

When I want to overhaul the world and feel discouraged, I remember the concept of “tiny habits” introduced in this Fabulous TED Talk by wonderful researcher BJ Fogg. He suggests that if we want to make changes and “keep up” we need to celebrate our wins! Who doesn’t love a good party? He offers that to connect tiny, repeatable desired actions to our daily habits, we increase our likelihood of success and a reason to honor our successes. We build self-esteem, health, and well-being, but we have to change our behaviours. These tiny habits can be linked back to this idea of “Keep Up and Be Kept Up” and even more richly it can be connected to the idea of having a sadhana.

The way we can move through difficulty and excel with joy is to commit to a personal sadhana, a personal practice. Having a sadhana ensures that we will be kept up! We can start with 3 minutes a day, 7 or 11. We need to set ourselves up for success by beginning like we mean to go on and also have the flexibility to recognize that we may have to start over and that restarting is as important as beginning. We start with linking our sadhana to something that we are already doing every day. Remember, if we think of it as something separate, we might not think we have time to do it!

Take stock of your day, note moments that are repeated: putting in your contact lenses, eating breakfast, tying your shoes- find the action that you can link a 3 minute meditation to. I prefer meditating at night so I have associated taking out my lens and putting on my glasses, as the pause, the space after to do my sadhana. It’s something I have to do everyday and it’s something that signals to me that my day is winding down and it’s time to connect to Source and to my own intentions. It’s the time that I know that I am allowing myself to move into the flow and feel supported energetically. Marry a daily habit with your sadhana for 40 days and see what happens!

I would love to hear from you about what you are trying to change or create in your life and what tiny habit you could add to your day to build towards your sadhana and to feeling uplifted in your commitment to yourself.

Sat Nam!