Past Life Regression Hypnosis Can Liberate You From Old Stories


By Nadia Diamante

Have you ever had recurring dreams that seem so vivid and familiar to you that it feels like you have lived another life? Do you feel incredibly connected to a time and place in the past? Do you feel like you are holding onto old baggage that feels like it doesn’t completely belong to you in this lifetime? You may need a past life regression.

As a hypnotherapist and intuitive coach, many of the clients I see come in with trauma or issues that seem like they are without a distinct root. Perhaps it is something hidden deep within, but many times, it comes from the karma of a past life or a DNA remembrance (some call this epigenetics). It’s how some babies are born so pure, innocent and full of light and some seem to hold onto a residual sadness. They are babies; what can they be holding onto?

While I believe that a personality can be so ingrained that it seems unfathomable that it could have merely developed in utero (although a lot goes on during this time including dreaming and subconscious world building), but when a small child has memories of a specific time or feeling they’ve never experienced, where does that come from?

Many postulate it comes from reincarnation. A soul’s life that needs to keep going, moving, exploring. Reincarnation happens when your mission on this planet is not over yet. If you are here right now, you have a mission. There’s still energy that needs to be moved from your imprint and within your blueprint. A karmic cycle that needs completion, or a tie to your ancestors that it is your duty to liberate yourself (and them) from.

Past life regression can be a profound experience in these circumstances. Even if you don’t uncover a past life, it helps you move through subconscious ties and traumas you may be holding onto and having a hard time meeting face-to-face.

Even if you don’t believe in reincarnation, you yourself have had a “past life” in this lifetime. Take a deep breath in. Close your eyes. Everything that happens before that breath. That’s the past. One second ago. That’s the past. Three minutes ago. That’s the past. And you’ve been creating your past since the day you were conceived, or further back if you so believe.

Almost all of us have experienced our past lives in this lifetime. A vivid dream of another lifetime that we awaken from with connection and certainty. A predisposition, seemingly out of nowhere, for certain periods of art, music and fashion. Unlikely fears and unrooted traumas that affect us on an everyday level, but have no apparent cause. An inner knowing while traveling that you’ve been to a place before, even though you logically know you never have.

This is how your soul reminds you of your past lives.

As a healing modality, past life regression can seem like some mystical, magical fantastical tool that you do as a one-off experiment to see what psychedelic experience your subconscious mind brings up. Most leave a past-life regression wondering if it is true, but enjoying the experience anyway. It is very relaxing to shut off from your current life and just trip the light fantastic as they say. Past life regressions bring up tears and huge smiles. It’s a cathartic experience that can sometimes be more healing than years of therapy.

Many people who are interested in Past Life Regression talk endlessly about Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss, M.D., a renowned psychotherapist who popularized Past Life Regression as a profound healing tool. He was able to move through trauma with many patients and help them lean into their lives without fear.

“We are frightfully concerned with our own deaths, sometimes so much so that we forget the real purpose of our lives,” says Weiss about people in general. This is something that past life regression can help you through. Fears. Fear of death. If you know that your soul will come back with the awareness and learnings from your past life, are you more likely to live in peace during this life? Psychological survey says yes!

I believe that imagination to be just as powerful as our real life experiences, so that when you have a negative or positive memory from the past (or a past life) that is “unverifiable” it can shape your reality just as strongly as the day your first boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you, or winning a contest you tried really hard for.

As a hypnotherapist who specializes in past-life regression and dream therapy, I am very interested in the depth of the subconscious mind and the memories we hold onto that may not even be our memories from this lifetime. I am also interested in the narratives and the stories that we tell ourselves. I believe that imagination to be just as powerful as our real life experiences, so that when you have a negative or positive memory from the past (or a past life) that is “unverifiable” it can shape your reality just as strongly as the day your first boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you, or winning a contest you tried really hard for.

Your subconscious mind is programmed into what I call grace notes. It can also be called reveries. Generally, a reverie is a hazy daydream, a fanciful state of musing and amusement. This term has become popularized on the show Westworld.

If you’ve watched that show (or any show about artificial intelligence), you may notice that the first sign of a glitch is the penchant for reveries. A repeated state in the subconscious mind to fall into a waking dream world. This helps the subconscious to exercise and play in a preferred state, which then opens doors to the other dimensions of the mind.

In most cases, the reverie is more important than the reality. The grace notes make your subconscious really sing. Within that pathos and bathos of your soul is the opera you have composed with your story.

Past Life Regression is just another instrument.

Try past life regression if you are trying to heal wounds from this lifetime. It allows you space and distance to work through trauma from a more gently objective standpoint.

Try past life regression if you have a feeling of being stuck or sad and no real reason for it. 

Try past life regression if you want to clearly see your soul’s purpose laid out in front of you.

Try past life regression if you want to relax into the knowledge that you have had multiple versions of your soul’s narrative play out in this lifetime, past lifetimes and in the next lifetime.

Try past life regression if you want to liberate yourself from your parents’ and ancestors’ karma. Past Life Regression can help you release ancient ancestral DNA patterns as well.

For whatever reason you want to try it, remember that you are the teller of your story. You get a chance to rewrite the narrative. Learn your history and then change it. One lifetime at a time.

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See you in your past lives!