Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 27th: Release & Recharge Magick Ritual

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By Marisol Rascon



With magic we increase the flow of Divinity in our lives and in the world around us. We add to the beauty of it all - for to work with magic we must work in harmony with the Laws of Nature and of the psyche. Magick is the flowering of the human potential.
— Scott Cunningham

It is important that all who believe in the power of the forces working outside them understand this statement. It is also vital for all practitioners of magic to understand that those powerful forces are found within. Being in harmony with the Laws of Nature is the foundation for all healing traditions that utilize ingredients from the natural world - including the more subtle energies.

There is an increase of information available to everyone,  a simple google search will deliver what you're looking for... fast! In our culture we have expected change almost immediately. We have become quite impatient with processes sometimes being tempted to push forward before a full ripening or understanding is achieved. When we practice ceremony or work with the powers of nature respect and honoring the cycles is necessary. Entering a collaboration with the divine is to set our intentions into an invisible realm where the laws that we are bound to in this reality do not exist. Finding the balance in trust and surrender sparks the fires of transformation bending its form beyond space launching it into the perfect moment to activate.

On this bright and beautiful full moon we have an opportunity for some special magic making. In truth, everyday is good for magic but on days like the full moon and eclipse there is an charged alchemical power, we have the attention of nature directed towards us. Full moons are great for releasing and recharging. Think about how the first half of the year has gone and take a little assessment. Are there any self sabotaging behaviors you've engaged in? Limiting beliefs weighing you down? Relationship drama? Space or mental clutter? Investigate.

Here is a full moon ritual to help you release energetic heaviness and recharge you with your new created intention.

Suggested ingredients for your ceremony:

  • Incense: Frankincense or Copal

  • New candle or tea light

  • Toothpick & string (thin sewing string or floss is ok)

  • Essential oil for bath or anointment

These are examples of oils that can be used to set the vibration of what you wish to call after your fire release. It is part of your ritual whether you choose a bath or simply to dab a drop on your pulse points and go for an evening walk.

Emotional/mental balance (trauma, stress): Rose geranium, Lavender

For prosperity: Vetiver, Bergamot

Physical wellbeing: Rosemary, Eucalyptus

Love (self and healing old relationship, heart healing): Ylang yang, Jasmine

Release & Recharge Ritual

Start by creating your sacred space. Work with what you have, if what is available is an area of a side table or dresser that is perfect. You'll just want to make sure you clean it, you can bring pictures of your guides or angels, fresh flowers are always wonderful.

Light incense and say a prayer acknowledging your higher spirit, your helper guides, and the great Spirit. You may recite a protection mantra like the Mangala Charn or use words straight from your heart.

Sit quietly for a few minutes, if you have not yet set an intention for your release, just allow the breath to move and notice if there is any restriction in your body. You may explore that feeling and dialogue, asking what is there that is ready to be released at this time.

Once you feel settled in your seat and with your intention take your toothpick and string and as you focus on what you are releasing start to wrap the string around the toothpick. Move slowly. You are creating an arrow to send into the fire, repeat “I release ___” as many times as you need to cover the entire stick. Hold it in your hand for a few moments infusing your intention one last time.

Light your candle and place your arrow in the flame.

Close your eyes and visualize whatever you are releasing disappearing in the fire. Take a minute to sit with that feeling of completion.

Give thanks to your higher spirit, the helper guides, the great Spirit. Thank the moon for listening to your prayers and holding space for your growth and healing.

To continue enjoying the energy of the moon you may choose to take a bath in epsom salts with a couple drops of your chosen oil. Or if you're like me and don't have a tub perhaps you anoint yourself and go for a walk, you may also just sit quietly and meditate. Whatever best allows you to feel into the new space you created. 

May the full moon blessings shine upon you~