Let Freedom Ring: 5 Minute Meditation for the Goddess, Liberty



By Nadia Diamante

Lady Liberty. Gifted from the French, she stands proud and tall outside of New York City, once a city that itself was a beacon of hope and freedom for refugees. She greeted impoverished peoples as their ships came in, after weeks of being on a cramped, chaotic boat. Hungry and holding onto their health in those close quarters.

America was "great" during this time when we were allowing many different populations to pass through our borders and make their homes here. That is what Lady Liberty stands for; hope tinged with a small bit of sorrow mixed with the ecstasy of freedom from oppression and the promise of a different life. And she is what our country needs to channel today. Liberty and justice for all.

The original Liberty was a Roman goddess named Libertas. Thousands of years old, many religions at the time had pantheistic religions. Their were hundreds or thousands of gods and goddesses for every plight or passion, dark or light, mundane or transcendent. Libertas was sometimes mixed in with Jupiter and called Jupiter Libertas. During the French Revolution, scientific and logical enlightenment was seen as the ultimate belief system, so Libertas replaced the Virgin Mary on altars like at the Notre Dame. Ironic considering Libertas was also a religious icon, but even in America, she became to mean so much more.

Despite our living in a supposedly non-secular country, we have this goddess watching over us. And we need her now more than ever. Let us call on her today so that everyone may be happy, healthy, holy and, most of all, free.

I created a meditation you can do to honor Libertas, liberty and freedom. If you like to have physical talismans to put on your altar, I recommend a flame (any color candle will do) and a feather. Let the feather steep in your prayer and afterwards live it in a space where you can view it everyday and remind yourself of the freedom we all deserve.

Begin by doing 3-minutes of the Liberation Kriya, a powerful kundalini meditation/kriya that works directly on your Jupiter energy and helps to bring your focus on freedom all around you, “as above, so below.” You can watch the meditation and learn it here. You can gradually take it to 9-minutes a day as your arms get adjusted.

Next, repeat this prayer:

Libertas, wherever you roam

Continue to stand tall, just and righteous over the warfare of men,

May you bring freedom to


Not just everyone who deserves it;


May you bring happiness, joy and liberation to the souls of the many.


May you open up spiritual and physical portals within and around people

So that they may find an escape from repression, oppression and suppression.

May your light guide us through the darkness

Through the storms

Through the trappings of our own ego

Our countries ego

And the ego of others

So that we can let go

And allow



All energy

True liberation.

I allow this to come through, once and for all, for this and all days.

Thank you for hearing my intention.

Repeat this once. And then close your eyes. Sending out the torchlight of your soul to the Universe around you. May freedom ring for all.