Welcome To Golden Sol's New Blog!

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Golden Souls, Sat Nam!

In gratitude for your presence here, we are delighted to further open up the field of potential that Golden Sol offers into an online forum. We are writing and gathering the voices of the rainbow of our community to share perspectives on everything from the practical to the esoteric and every other aspect of this prism that our yogic and wellness practices offer.

As Golden Sol expands, we intend to create a hub here of the sacred, profane, mundane and mystical to help you connect to your passion and your purpose. We are calling on our favorite healers, teachers and leaders to give you unique perspectives on a broad range of topics: meditation, music, Ayurveda, Kundalini, self-care, activism, minimalism, astrology, tarot, and crystal healing to name a few.

We want this space to be inclusive, enriching and supportive. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and reactions to these works and to learning more about what you seek to help you reach your highest potential.

Our hearts and minds are open.

We are moving forward in courage.

May All Love Surround You.

The Golden Sol Family