Fourth of July Meditation: Liberation Through Sat Nam

*Photo by Dhaka Khilgaon

By Marisol Rascon

Today is July 4th and in the US it’s a holiday intended to celebrate Freedom, it is a remembrance of gaining independence from being ruled, a collective decision made by like minded people hundreds of years ago that is still being honored. In all spiritual traditions there are stories of Liberation from constraints that keep our love and joy from being accessed as the ultimate ascension. Some of us may struggle with what freedom means; our modern lives have many complexities that challenge a sense of freedom that is not conditional.

In these times we can look to the ancient teachings for inspiration on what it means to have independence that is not reliant on the material world but a feeling that liberates deep joy.

Sandwiched between the heart and mind is our center of communication: the throat chakra.

This center is associated with pure expression and how we listen, it holds the power of creation in sound. In the Kundalini yoga tradition we use the mantra Sat Nam as a focal point for the mind when we inhale and exhale throughout class. Sat means truth and Nam means name. It is a simple purification process that with each silent vibration and repetition begins to rewrite negative talk and narratives collected in the subconscious that keep us bound to a material sense of self. It is not an easy world right now, especially for householders with a spiritual hunger. Yogi Bhajan shared predictions of how disorienting this time would be and how lost our humanity would become if we did not have a meditation practice to clear our minds.

What vibration is spoken if a mind is unclear and the heart is disturbed?

If your thoughts have hijacked the confidence in your own voice, if life has challenged you and planted doubts in your heart, or if you have stopped listening to your soul, I want to tell you you’re not alone. To tell you that all you need is to meditate to speak your truth and that reciting Sat Nam will be the magic fix you are seeking to alleviate the pain in our world would be a dishonor to the important call to action we face in our world.

It is a very simple act that can help establish calm and clarity to unify our voices and create a ripple of peace within. The ancient wisdom that was shared in distant caves has become the foundation for many modern healing practices. I want to offer this quick technique as a way to settle in and create a vibration of calm so that you can celebrate being able to share your heart and mind from a place of Truth. I invite you to take a step towards that deeper sense of liberation, no matter what may be happening around you. Finding a few minutes of peace from distractions that pull at your heart and mind is a radical act of resistance and ultimately Liberation.

Sitting for 3 minutes begins a clearing of the communication center, starts to untangle the mind from ego, and create ease in our heart. May we learn to use our voice as an act of love and celebration of true freedom!