July 2018 New Moon: New Moon Rituals to Help You Vibe Right

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By Sajjan Kaur

I want to sparkle. I want that shimmer back. I crave effortless radiance. Has the light gone out?  In the days leading to this past full moon, the iron weight of the world’s happenings was leaning on my heart so hard that sometimes I felt like I couldn’t breathe. It’s then that I turned my thoughts around how in the feminine space I am profoundly influenced by the moon’s cycles and the delightful possibility a New Moon can be. I have been feeling like a new beginning and a do-over would be so helpful on a lot of levels. I have been dreaming of hitting the reset button on the world . . .

I am a woman of action and committed to right action- not perfection, but the willingness to try. I also love a good ritual, a ceremony based in nature, an embrace of the notion of a spell that can help with a big shift.

To weave together a ceremony based in truth, forged by the fire of my heart, and honoring the potentiality of the New Moon Energy, I simply took a look at my altar, paged through my journal to see what’s been top of mind and got to work.

Read on below for simple ways to create a new moon ritual. I encourage you to keep good notes on what you are aiming to manifest from moon to moon. It’s always satisfying to see those things come to fruition and to keep your eye on the prize for dreams that marinate a little longer. Remember! There is a sweetness and satisfaction when those long held and cultivated dreams come true.

Gather Sacred Objects:  If you don’t have an altar simply prepare a small space with items that hold the energy of your intention for this moon. Laying down a pretty scarf or fabric can easily help define that space. Adding Crystals like moonstone and tourmaline and amethyst are a few stones that I love on my altar for amplification, grounding, and to call in deeper love and intuition, but you may have a few crystal friends that you are working with to work your energy well. Adding images that hold your vision, herbs and flowers, and a way of beautifully holding your written intentions like a journal or good paper is a great way to start honoring your vision.

Prepare Your Own Body and Field for the Best Outcome: Take a salt bath or give yourself a salt and scrub. Prepare the space for this work by burning sage or using palo santo, or if smoke is an irritant a clearing spray that has their essences. We love Radiant Body’s sprays, which are high vibe and infused with crystal energy. You can also clap or ring a small bell to set the vibrations in your home anew. Setting time to meditate, chant, or simply clear your mind in preparation for this event is also important.

Ground Yourself: Walk barefoot on the earth. Hold a grounding crystal like Tourmaline in hand. Drink a grounding spiced tea of cinnamon, licorice, turmeric, fennel seeds or cardamom. Make sure to breathe deeply and well.

Make Your New Moon Wishes: You have set the stage for your wish making. Write down what you are calling for. Write them as though they are already here in the present. Write positively. If you have a negative statement rewrite it so that it is reframed into something that when repeated makes you feel good. Make this beautiful list of intentions, read it to yourself everyday leading up to the New Moon.

Pay Attention to Your Dreams: Ritualizing your intentions to the Universe is often rewarded by rich and evocative dreams in the days around the moon. Pay attention to the signs and symbols that appear and make sure to write them down in your journal. We never know if there is a better way for something to manifest than anything we could have imagined!

Using Tools throughout your Daily Life: You can take the energy you are creating with you by wearing jewelry you have blessed in this ritual or carrying crystals that will remind you of your intentions. Make it fun and make it a habit! Every time you see them you will be reminded of your work.

Another Way to Vibrate with the Cosmos: I found this (site) really interesting to dig a little deeper into how the new moon will effect each of your astrological houses. Each of our 12 houses influence our experiences. This will give you a more refined way of addressing your dreams!

Keep Up and You Will Be Kept Up: Remember that Big Dreams are worth cultivating. Just like a gardener- you are sowing seeds for what you want in your life. Weed that garden, water those plants, and watch your wishes grow into reality.

It’s also fun to share what you are working on with trusted friends, who can also keep your dreams in a space of clarity and positivity.

We would love to hear how you work with the moon and what comes of your rituals- it’s inspiring!

Remember that Big Dreams are worth cultivating. Just like a gardener- you are sowing seeds for what you want in your life.