No More Mad-Libs! Take Charge of Your Script


By Sajjan Kaur

I am _________________! Fill in the blank with: fat, stupid, old, young, inexperienced, used up, useless, unlovable, poor, broke, and/or cursed.

(I wish I had a sound effect of screeching brakes to put in here).


We can’t Mad-Lib our Lives! We have to drop these scripts like a hot rock and start realizing that the words we speak become our reality. However, the missing piece of repeating mantras or affirmations is often feeling that the words we are saying are true. I think that’s why people give up so easily on them. They don’t feel true.

Saying, “I am a millionaire” over and over isn’t going to make you one. It’s going to make you feel silly and like a liar especially if your bank account is often hovering near zero or is in the negative. We are not affirming abundance when we are vibrating,” I am broke” over and over while shouting, “I am as rich as Bill Gates” with our hands over our ears.

We can affirm changes in our lives easily. Sounds too good to be true, but it’s a Sat Nam!

Simply start by observing yourself.

Observe what you say. Observe the consequences of your words. Repeat.

If you keep saying, “I will never have work I love. It’s too hard to find a job doing what I want.” That’s going to feel true and be true. Keep repeating that and, guess what? You will always be on the fringe, scraping by.

If you can catch yourself saying something like this from an old script, pause, and rewrite the script. You could say something like, “I am going to find work I love. I am going to be connected to the right people to find work I love.” Keep tweaking the way you are editing your old thoughts until it feels good to repeat the phrase. Anytime an intrusive old thought appears, you have a confident reply to that old news.

It’s more realistic than shouting you are a millionaire- and you will feel better. It will make you happier to rewrite the script and change the story. You will feel more powerful and in charge of what is happening right now. It will feel different and it will feel possible and it will become true.

When you have started to uncover the sneaky ways your old patterned thoughts are keeping a hold on you, the next step after re-scripting them is to enact them. If you are unblocking your mind from past fears about love or money for example, start looking for ways that you, in your new story, are excelling.

Note if any of these or other “gifts” show up in your life:

  • Find 5 bucks in your jeans.

  • Have a friend buy you a coffee.

  • End up with a book from a little library that you have wanted to read.

  • Suddenly get a refund check from an account you closed months ago.

These are all ways you can start counting your lucky stars in your wealth sector.

Fearful you aren’t going to find love? Note love coming your way!

  • Run into a friend, who gives you a bear hug.

  • Get a “thinking of you” card from a beloved Aunt.

  • Get warmly complimented on a project you have been working on.

  • Your tiny niece wants to “talk” to you via Face-time because she adores you.

We might have to change our language. We might have to change what we are looking for to prove ourselves right- in the best way!  We might have to be vigilant about both, but the rewards of our self-discipline will be endless. If we start by being clear and keeping it simple, we can straighten out our stories so that we can move on with a strong foundation. Let’s do the work we are meant to do with joy and ease. Keep editing til it feels good and keep repeating (Jap!) until the sound current takes you where you need to go.

Sat Nam!