Full Moon in Pisces: Just Keep Floating On While You're Anchored Deep


By Nadia Diamante

This is the real version of #SelfCareSunday. For years, we've seen women in their gorgeous (and clean) bathtubs, rose petals, bath bombs, crystals and succulents. Their perfectly pedicured toes poking out of the water.  Some of us have the luxury to experience this; others do not. But the mystical message was clear...dip yourself into the divine and you will clean up any other crap along the way. 

With this Full Moon in Pisces on Sunday, the best place to be is one of these decadent bath situations. Or a pool in the desert under the moonlight. Or sadhana early morning at Golden Sol. Your energy floating around in these liminal spaces, the places that Pisces likes to swim, play and drench herself. Pisces is also a twin, just like Gemini, little twin fishes so they are slippery and ethereal. But in the wide-eyed and domestic shadow of the Maiden (Virgo), these are your exotic fishies at home. In a beautiful, well-attended to tank. Much like these #SelfCareSunday bathtubs under the light of the moon. 

This Full Moon will allow you to give structure to the whimsy and creativity of your visions, by remembering that what you desire starts with the power, discipline and commitment of you. Always. After the fiery sweep of eclipses and retrogrades (including Mars which goes direct the same day as the full moon!), this is the time to allow activated versus forcefully pushing all the buttons and levers into place. Be receptive and even the most mundane things will flow. Chores, bills, duties. Rolling through the days like a gentle wave. 

Your imagination will make this work even more powerful. Dig down into your dream. Make it more tangible. The Universe will guide you on how to do this, don't worry. You're not alone during this transit. Everyone else is going deep with you. 

If you are especially sensitive to watery full moons, you might want to stay inside during this one. Inside your bathtub with cool water. Lights off. Alice Coltrane playing. A blue light shining somewhere. 

Because full moons are about release, imagine all the things you need to clean up in your life. Is it your attitude, your hard drive, your psychic field. Or, maybe it's just your bathtub so you can take those long luxurious baths you see on #SelfCareSunday.