Ahimsa, Veganism and Plant-Powered Empowerment: 5 Vegan or Plant-Based Bloggers We Love


By Nadia Diamante

Freedom is for all. In the yogic tradition, that means all living creatures on this earth: land animals, sky animals and sea animals. While a yogic diet generally encourages light moderate partaking in dairy and sometimes egg, modern technology and the artistic minds of plant-based pioneers have made it easy to eat sans animal products completely. Whether you dub yourself vegan or plant-based or you’re just a meat eater trying to get some vitamins in, making most of your diet out of plants is always a good idea.

Ahimsa, one of the first yamas, basically means, “do no harm.” This doesn’t just mean towards the animal, but yourself as well. Harming yourself includes following fad diets that aren’t beneficial to your health or happiness. Always make sure that the way you eat intuitively corresponds with the way you want to feel. Tuning into your body and your desires is the ultimate form of food empowerment and freedom.

Oh She Glows: http://ohsheglows.com/

It’s all in a name! Angela of Oh She Glows has been blogging for awhile now, so her website is full of plethora of gorgeously-appointed vegan recipes. Some of them are gluten-free, soy-free and nut-free and none of them are delicious free! We like the simplicity of her site, and her spunky voice that seems so friendly. Veganism doesn’t have to be so series.

Isa Chandra: http://www.isachandra.com/

Formerly of the Post Punk Kitchen, now with a more grown-up name (her own!) for her vegan delights, Isa is one of the first people to popularize the iconic vegan cupcake craze. She has perfected healthy comfort food, plus her presentation is tops.

The Balanced Blonde: http://www.thebalancedblonde.com/

Jordan Younger, the lithe and perky blonde of The Balanced Blonde, looks like the quintessential California vegan cheerleader. And, in many ways, she is. But this vegan turned meat eater turned mostly plant-based has dealt with many a health struggle and some personal travails along the way. Following her journey shows that a plant-based life comes with a real human aspect and that no matter how perfect someone looks, their lives never are.  

The Minimalist Vegan: https://theminimalistvegan.com/

Beautiful Australian plant-based power couple, Masa and Michael, teach us that veganism isn’t just about what kind of food you eat, it’s about the impression you are leaving on this planet. They couch you through minimalism, conscientious living and striving for compassion through intention with everything you do.

Sweet Potato Soul: http://sweetpotatosoul.com/

Just because you want to eat compassionately doesn’t mean you have to give up on eating fun. Veggies are colorful, plentiful and...you can make soul food out of them! Jenna from Sweet Potato Soul is a joy to follow with a sweet, bright personality but her vegan soul food recipes are almost even more delicious than her online persona. Learn how to make Hella Southern Vegan Hot Chicken Biscuits and then send them my way. :)

Let us know some of your favorite vegan or plant-based bloggers in the comments!