August Tarotscope: Every Sign's Tarot Card For The Month


By Nadia Diamante

In Japan, there is an ancient art called Kintsugi. When pottery or a dish breaks, the pieces are joined together with veins of gold powder. What one may throw away; another may fix and make even more valuable. That is the lesson of the eclipses and the retrogrades (seven astral entities, including North Node and Chiron) that are happening. You see a broken thing; the Universe sees a treasure. And it is giving you a chance to take a break and see the beauty in what is broken. It is giving you a chance to repair yourself.

As we are coming back together, we can turn to our creative outlets, the sacredness of our home and the solace of our friends. And our womb of self-care; a necessary filter from the outside world. We can stay aware while building awareness around our soul’s desire.

That is the theme of this revolution around the sun; that is the treasure of these times.

I’ve pulled a card for each sign for the month of August and have created a simple message that you can use as a reminder, a mantra, or to piece together your own poetry. Please read your rising and your moon sign too, if you know that! Moon signs rule your home and how you handle your emotions. And while emotions are high, check in with what energy is going on for that sign.

Leo: Knight of Cups

Category is: grand and grateful. Your radiance is your magnetism, your mastery of meaning and the meanderings of your imagination. Create a circle of love around everyone you meet.

Virgo: Nine of Wands (Reversed)

Caution can lead to chaos if you don’t let go of old behaviors and patterns. Positive proactivity requires mindfulness, not paranoia. .

Libra: The Emperor

The Earth is solid but she is also fluid. She will guide you into how to create structure, power and beautiful bountiful boundaries in your life.

Scorpio: Eight of Swords

Sorrow is when you blind yourself to the shadow, not when you embrace it. Restriction will lead to retraction, but now is the time to move into restoration not action.

Sagittarius: Judgement (Reversed)

Your outer reflection requires inner reflection not rejection. Stop and allow yourself to take a glance at your obstacles, your mistakes or your heart’s true desires.

Capricorn: Ace of Wands (Reversed)

Sometimes the seed needs to blow in the wind to find its true direction. Close your eyes and focus on where you want to go, take a deep breath and you will find that you are there.

Aquarius: The Devil (Reversed)

Freedom is for the fearless; the shackles have been loose this whole time, but your anxiety kept you bound. Now you see what they never wanted you to see, that you were free all along, and through this awareness you are truly free where it matters—in your mind.

Pisces: Page of Pentacles (Reversed)

Perfection is progress, but it also is planning. Pleasures await you around every bend; take the pleasures you need now but also take some time to cultivate the abundance of the future.

Aries: Eight of Cups

The greatest healer knows when to retreat and when to react. Now is the time for you to move into simplicity, silence and the satisfactions that only come with cultivating the spirit.

Taurus: The Moon (Reversed)

You may drown in your dreams, but not in your fears. Dark and light emotions will fill your days, so fill your cup and sip from it in times of psychic drought.

Gemini: Six of Pentacles

The Universe will be generous with you; you need to be generous back. Memorize this Latin spell: Fortuna, Prosperitas, Abundantia, Habeo Omnia. Luck, prosperity, abundance, I have everything.

Cancer: The Tower (Reversed)

Don’t delay destruction. Change is inevitable, but it is also holy, and the Cancer soul knows all about the profundity of a resurrection. Sacrifice your ego to the gods.

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