Meet Bunny

Brittany "Bunny" Urick is a Certified Massage Therapist (CAMTC#75692) and Master Crystal Reiki Practitioner. Synergizing her knowledge of the scientific and metaphysical, Bunny provides a customized and holistic approach to healing - targeting the body, mind, and spirit. Bunny holds a safe and judgment-free space, welcoming her clients with open heart and hands. She enjoys combining Eastern and Western massage and energy techniques, and tailoring each session to every individual’s particular needs. Join her for her two-weekend Reiki I Attunement on Saturday, September 22nd and Saturday September 29th from 1-3pm.

Tell us a little bit about how you became an energy worker, healer and teacher.

I've always felt connected to nature and universal energy. I have vivd memories from childhood of communing and feeling deeply connected with butterflies, flowers, and the wind. I practiced magic with friends during recess in primary school. If someone was crying on the playground, I was always the first to come to them, hold their hand, and tell them it would be ok. My desire to heal took me to Santa Cruz where I earned a BA in Psychology and became an avid reader of Carl Jung's philosophies. My mother's untimely passing in 2014 led me to the Tarot for answers, and subsequently led me back to ritual, and to discover Reiki, and Body Work. As a projector (Human Design) I have always been a visionary and teacher for others - who are open to receiving the messages! I've been practicing and learning ever since, and look forward to a lifelong study in service to myself and others.

What are some tools you use everyday to make your life better?

The elements! A lot of water. I drink as much as possible, I take quick showers to refresh, I water all my plants, I wash my hands of energies in between clients. I use fire to burn worries on paper and burn sage to cleanse. Exercising and building the fire within. Walking and taking hikes in nature is extremely necessary to grounding and re-centering myself. Connecting with the earth. Breath work, paying attention to my breath, allowing for space between conflicts or problems I'm facing so things can untangle. The intention and awareness of every moment is really the key to this element work working! Sleep too of course - I'm a mess without a lot of sleep. I use crystals and herbs often as well to help balance and clear myself. Many of these I do alone! It's so important to create your own space and connect more deeply with oneself.

Who are some of your favorite teachers, bloggers, or personal heroes.

First and foremost is Sailor Moon. Yes, really! She's where my namesake comes from, and to this day I am still using Love to save the universe! I have been helped greatly by the teachings of Louise Hay, Ram Dass, and Deepak Chopra. I have deep gratitude and respect for my own Reiki teacher Meredith Sloane @rainbow_energy_and_light who has been a great part of my own personal healing journey. All of my friends and family have been teachers for me! It's so important to LISTEN to anyone you talk to. We are ALL gurus - for ourselves - and one another.

Tell us a one-sentence affirmation that inspires you.

I am Love.

Why is your work important and why should people come to your workshop?

This work is deeply important, healing, and fun! If you allow your inner child to PLAY - Reiki can be deeply transformative and releasing in a way that allows us to all feel lighter and clearer. If you are interested, tickled, or a down right skeptic (like I was) you should definitely come to Reiki I Attunement. The experience can and will surprise you! Being attuned is a tool that will last you a lifetime and is the first beautiful step in what may be a longer journey for you!