Meet Jordi

Jordan is a cali born gender queer, afro futuristic, healing artist. As their healing journey continues to expand and grow, more and more opportunities to be in circles like this reminds them what their purpose is. Healing does not happen in a void and to share medicine with one another with our life stories is what they are passionate about. They will be teaching Self Care: Astrology, Crystals & Earth Medicine. Class is this Friday night, September 21st from 7-9pm. Join us!

Tell us a little bit about how you became an energy worker, healer and teacher.

It's been a very interesting journey. I grew up in a fairly christian household, the more and more that I expanded into my queerness the more I distanced myself from the church and God. It wasn't until I left home and went away to college that I had the chance to expand into myself, evolve myself, and self heal. What started as radically practicing self care in my room with incense, affirmations, utilizing earth medicines, etc developed into an opportunity to share these with community. It was during an protest encampment at Los Angeles city hall that I camped at for 28 days where I truly saw how my energy effected a space and people were very open at naming the shift they felt from me. I was affirmed as a healer and truly was awakened to a reality that I was not aware of. I found my soul tribe during this time, was able to heal myself deeper than I could have imagined, and began learning from mentors of spiritual energetic healing to develop more of my intuitive skills.

What are some tools you use everyday to make your life better?

I don't go anywhere without hawk medicine, I have a claw wrapped with black tourmaline. Sage(although I am in need to harvest some soon). My singing bowl is an essential part of my weekly self healing. My journal! My day planner keeps me on purpose and focussed.

Who are some of your favorite teachers, bloggers, or personal heroes.

Honestly the baby I nanny is a very powerful teacher, to be in the presence of a human so unapologetic in their emotional expression and stages of growth is humbling. I learn a lot of patience and also compassion for the baby inside of me that still grows, teethes, and falls on the ground sometimes. Queer black femmes that smile and joy in the face of the pain they experience. Recently received a lot of medicine from the book Earth: The Pleadian Keys to the Living Library by Barbara (forgot her last name). But Barbaras have been very healing for me this cycle. The other Barbara wrote this book called Light Emerging, the sequel to Hands of Light that gave me a lot of healing insight! Deepak Chopra!

Tell us a one-sentence affirmation that inspires you.

I am fully supported by the universe to achieve all that I came down on this Earth to do!

Why is your work important and why should people come to your workshop?

My intention to to build cycles of healing in sharing stories and energy with one another. My work is deeply connected to the Earth and deeply connected to my own healing journey. Every person I meet I learn from and receive medicine whether my body reacts comfortably or not to it. I am hoping the people who come are opened, that they see something they never saw before, that they become excited by their own individual lives and by the inter weavings of this universe. My hope is that this workshop becomes a beautiful container where people can breath and expand deeper into themselves and their purpose to strengthen bonds to their bodies and to the Earth in profound ways taking away practices that can be done outside the workshop to continue the healing journey they are already on with greater clarity and ease.