Devi Atma - Charmaine

Devi Atma Charmaine discovered Kundalini Yoga when she moved to Los Angeles and became a IKYTA Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor. Upon receiving her certificate she immediately began leading Sadhana classes and now leads yoga workshops as well conducts private classes. Devi Atma is honored and blessed to share the ancient practice of yoga with her peers. She is also a certified HypnoBirthing Coach and a healer through Self -Love Meditation, and the EFT Technique. Her classes focus on the loving heart, openness, vulnerability, and the connection to all beings. She brings a calm and openness to her classes. Her yoga and healing sessions incorporate breath, movement, mantra and meditation to bring you back to a space of nothingness, which is everything, and where infinite possibilities await. When she is not teaching yoga, leading HypnoBirthing workshops, or healing through meditation, she is working on camera as an actress. All of her endeavors encompass living in the present moment, a great passion of hers. Her teachings derive from all great teachers, with one of the most important teachers’ being, our-selves!