Marisol Rascon

Bodywork, Energy Healing, Yoga, Breathwork

Marisol has been practicing holistic massage since 2001 and continues to study and explore the ancient wisdom traditions. Her healing journey inspired a deep appreciation for the importance of empowering individuals to take back their health with these natural healing ways in our modern day. She is a dedicated practitioner and uses a customized multi-modality approach including: various bodywork techniques, energy healing, shamanism, craniosacral therapy, womb and yoni care, eastern yogic and ayurvedic healing, breathwork, and yoga. Her goal is to provide a safe space for you to collaborate with the wisdom of your mind and body to rebalance. It is Marisol's intention to assist in deep whole-being listening to support the healing and wellness of all her clients.

Private sessions at Source Point Wellness, Atwater Village

Contact: www.SolIntegrative.com



Dr. Amanda Cohen

M.A., L.A.c., D.A.O.M

As an integrative primary care physician, Dr. Cohen specializes in stress, stress related disorders, physical, emotional,and spiritual pain. She helps support her patients through life transitions such as job changes, pregnancy, breakups, and existential crises. As a Functional Medicine Doctor and Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Dr. Cohen provides treatment plans for her patients that includes both eastern and natural western medicine. Dr. Cohen is passionate about helping her patients find their unique purpose in their life and how get more clear and listen to the signs and symptoms that their minds and bodies have been communicating to them. 

Private sessions at Source Point Wellness, Atwater Village



Jap Dharam


Sat Atma


Available for private, group, and community classes.

Currently teaching @ Yogala in Echo Park, Mon. 7PM

FB: Vicky Jap Dharam Rose or Vicky Rose/ JapDharam

IG: @japdharamrose


Available for private Kundalini Yoga sessions.

Also available for home consultations via Sacred Space Creative—
✔️ Shift energy for Heart Activation
✔️ Shift energy toward Productivity 
✔️ Shift energy via Psychic Clutter Clearing
✔️ Altars, Devotional Design, Murals

Beth Sat Atma
IG: @satatmakaur