Gabriella D'Urso

Gabriella D'Urso is a Reiki Master based in Los Angeles, California. Her focus is to approach healing from a positive perspective. The ruling of the Law of Attraction explains, "like attracts like". The energy you focus on will be returned to you. This practice works with the truth around your reality but goes further to develop your dreams and ultimately your manifestations. We will use positive energy vibrations to call more abundance to your life where you seek it most. 

Gabriella's healing philosophy is simple. She believes we all have the knowledge and capacity to heal ourselves from the inside out. Her goal is to remind you how to honor your own guidance system and empower you to understand and take responsibility for your energetic patterns. The sessions will guide you to developing a deeper understanding of yourself through journaling and a supportive, collaborative healing experience. This work will meet you wherever you are on your journey. Sessions are available in person and through distance Reiki.

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What is Reiki?: 
Reiki is a Japanese technique that originally focused on stress reduction and relaxation. It has since evolved and is an even more powerful tool. During our session I channel energy into your body through your chakras to activate your natural healing process and restore both physical and emotional well-being. I move through energetic blockages that have been created as a result of both internal and external influences. When energy is able to flow freely you experience alignment across mind, body, and soul.

More about Gabriella: 

Gabriella received her Reiki training from a private teacher in Altadena, California. She is attuned to both the traditional Usui Reiki method and the newer Holy Fire Reiki, which incorporates the healing energy of the sun. She is also an insured affiliate member of the International Center for Reiki Training through  Additionally, she is a practicing End of Life Doula and is passionate about bringing Reiki into Hospice centers in Los Angeles. She incorporates Sound Healing and other modalities into her sessions.


Sessions Available By Appointment. / 213-308-8938