Guinevere credits having grown up surrounded by everything Edgar Cayce, which in turn, helped her, at an early age, to fully attune to her very strong intuitive abilities. She felt that the Cayce readings helped teach her to always search for answers and to look for a better way to do things.  While growing up, she watched as the magical, alchemical, Edgar Cayce herbal remedies and formulas were created and then paired up with various healing techniques that allowed her to see, first hand, divine healing of the Mind, Body and Spirit through the gifts of our Mother Earth. It was through those special experiences, she feels, that helped to create her unique outlook on life to this day and has allowed her to constantly think outside of the box in regards to her own viewpoints and also in her work with her clients. 

 During your session with Guinevere, she will go into a light trance and deliver channeled messages from your Angels, Spiritual Guides and Ascended Masters. She is especially connected to Archangel Michael and to Saint Germaine and his teachings with The Violet Flame and The I AM.. She will also incorporate different tools like Tarot Cards, Angel Oracle Cards, Fairy Oracle Cards and various crystals to help clarify what is most needed for your journey at this time.

 Guinevere is able to see a person’s energetic blueprint and intuitively zero-in on what needs to be cleared and shifted energetically. She can then provide specific, guided steps that are needed to help facilitate that change. Guinevere is also available for long distance energy work, if one so chooses, to help further clear and realign a person's energies. In her over 15 years of professional intuitive experiences and extensive traveling, Guinevere has amassed an international clientele who can attest to the happiness, clarity, and light that her sessions have provided them. 

Guinevere offers spirit life coaching, angelic guidance readings and long distance energy work.

Appointments available: 
Saturdays:  12-6pm /

Session rates:
15 minutes $55
30 minutes $88
45 minutes $122
60 minutes $155





Some Client Love:

"Guinevere provides not just a reading but a transformative experience."
     L. B.,  Venice, CA

“I have been seeing Guinevere for insight and advice for three years. The first time I saw her it was for fun since I was a skeptic and unfamiliar with psychics. She was very specific with her projections and within a month they were a reality! I became a believer. Guinevere is AMAZING in providing insight with current events with the tarot cards. When she uses the Angel cards, they always touch my heart by stating what I needed to hear. Guinevere is full of love and she has a gift to be able to surround you with that loving energy. I always feel uplifted emotionally and spiritually after a session with her. You will not regret your session with her, in fact you will find peace and feel so balanced that you’ll wonder why you didn’t go earlier. I highly recommend Guinevere!!!”
- A. G., Pasadena, CA

“I highly recommend Guinevere. As an intuitive person myself, I look for a reader with the highest of integrity, compassion and wisdom. Guinevere is that reader. She has helped me highly during one of the roughest times of my life. She is a true angelic spirit, very sweet. I never felt rushed with her or that anything I said or questions I had were silly to her (and it wasn’t easy subject matter). She is very caring and compassionate as well as easy to speak with. Her intuition, guidance and judgment are very accurate and I would recommend her to anyone needing sound advice and a caring, wise soul.”

- C. M., Los Angeles, CA

Readings with Guinevere have been absolutely wonderful. I go to her not just to take a look into the future, but to get a better insight & understanding into what is currently happening in my field & what I can do to align my energy better.  Her voice, her energy, & her spirit are so lovely--everything she says rings true & helps to bring awareness in such a loving way that you leave feeling lighter & more clear. I trust in all that she says, because it lights up in my soul as truth. With her ability to pick up on emotions, she is able to bring in the truth, unlike most readers, who can extract information that is not of the whole truth. She is not only a wonderful reader, but a wonderful human being. Guinevere is the absolute best. A gift from the Universe, truly :)

Kristina Licare, Los Angeles

“I had a wonderful reading with Guinevere. She was really accurate and was able to pick up on everything I was feeling over the phone, she was able to read into all the people involved and she was so accurate. I am amazed! Wonderful, gentle, honest, and not only gave me the information but also how to handle what I just learned in the most emotionally healthy way for myself. Strongly recommended.”

- Q.O.W., Los Angeles, CA