Sat Akal - Liza

Liza “Sat-Akal” Camba started to feel the consistent ease, flow, and peace of her life once she started to consciously follow where her heart was leading her.  Her walk as a modern day babaylan/priestess, artist, and practical mystic revealed itself when she let go of her resistance (those things that weren't adding to her happiness) and finally surrendered herself to Knowing her True Self - by consciously experiencing the Divine, allowing the magic to touch her life, and eventually guiding others to experience the Divine within themselves as well. Sat Akal’s new path is a transition from over a decade of trying to balance political activist work, her art, and all the details of her personal life - the result was that her overall health suffered along the way. Seeing the patterns of her life unfold, she decided to commit to a new life design (the one she kept putting on hold!). Her present experience is colored by a love for yogic philosophy and lifestyle, ancient and universal wisdom, and a deep reverence for All life.

In addition to teaching kundalini yoga and restorative yoga, Sat Akal supports individuals to live their truest and most creative selves by leading sacred wisdom circles and providing one-on-one practical and transformative coaching/mentoring  services. She is also the main propagator of the healing modality known as Mahal (Love) Attunements™ and the Mahal (Love) Process.  For more information about her work, please go to:




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