Megan Maione

Megan is a self-taught intuitive who picked up her first deck of tarot cards at the tender age of 13.  Beginning this practice at such a young age allotted her the opportunity to grow naturally and consciously as a psychic.  She actively sought out workshops focused on intuitive development, sessions with other healers, and took classes in Spiritual Psychology in pursuit of deeply exploring the capabilities of her intuition.  However, she continually found the best practice was to always follow her own intuition.

Her work as a healer and intuit has transformed into part psychic reading through tarot, combined with energy work.  During her psychic readings she looks at her clients’ past, present, and future, while her unique energy healing technique allows her to move blocks, limiting beliefs, past life memories, or anything else that may feel energetically out of balance.  Her energy work is a hands-off approach and is done entirely through psychic connection. 

A typical session with Megan would begin with a brief consultation where she will assess the areas of your life you would like to address and if you have questions in which you are seeking answers.  If specific questions are unknown at the time of the reading she will provide a general overview of the past, present, and future infused with energy work.  Her readings are organic in nature and supported through love and compassion.  Megan wishes to assist her clients in experiencing the most joyful life possible while supporting mind, body, emotions, and spirit.  She also encourages her clients to develop intuitively through identifying and focusing on their own psychic gifts.   

Megan is an incredibly talented Seer and Healer.  She loves nothing more than to be able to share her gifts with others.    She also teaches working with tarot as an art form and accessing the intuition through various tools, such as guided meditation. She is capable of working with individuals, couples, families, business associates, groups and collaborations. You can also book Megan for private & public events, workshops and classes.

Pricing: One-on-one private sessions are $3 per minute (minimum of 20 minutes) or $175 for an hour. 

Sessions are recorded and e-mailed directly and confidentially after completion.  All other services please contact Megan for availability and pricing. 




Sessions Available By Appointment. / 307-630-8363



“Wow, what an incredible Tarot reading I received with Megan. I was in a big transition, everything was up in the air & she confirmed so many things I felt in my heart, that I knew to be true. It was truly one of the best readings I've ever had. She is gifted, and has the capacity to see so much. Thank you Megan for your powerful guidance."

~ Linka A. Odom 

"The powerful emotion I felt during Megan's reading was really life changing.  It brought up things I never thought possible and I am a better person from it." 

~ Jessica Martinez 

“My experiences with Megan have been truly moving. Her ability to guide energy is a sincere gift and has kept me coming back for more. Megan’s insight, honesty and ability to be transparent have helped me work past my points of view, welcome my own energy and be willing to stay open and explorative. Megan has helped me focus on moving past conclusions and, instead, accentuating possibilities. The chemistry I feel with Megan is undeniable. Our readings always leave me feeling motivated, inquisitive and grateful. Her guidance is expansive and thought-provoking; I look forward to a lasting relationship with Megan as a healer in my life. “

~ Stephen Garcia