Param Daya - Murphy

My name is Murphy Patrick Martin or Param Daya Singh and I have been practicing Kundalini for 3 years.  Prior to Kundalini I had done 7 years of Hatha and Vinyasa as well as Tai Chi.  I believe that there are many different practices to unlock one’s Dharma and that people evolve throughout their spiritual journey which is extremely fascinating to me.  Currently the practices shared by Yogi Bhajan are making my heart sing and bringing an awareness of myself and humanity that I could never have imagined.  Which is why I’ve been open to teaching, because so many have taken on the responsibility themselves and elevated my spirit, the least I can do is pay it forward.  I feel blessed to be taking class and teaching at Golden Sol and hope to for a very long time.  Thank you so much and Sat Nam


The Wild and Crazy Guy,

Murphy P Martin - Param Daya Singh