Hari Satya - Nadia

Nadia, or as she is known by her spiritual name, Hari Satya, thanks one of her personal ascended masters, Prince, for leading her permanently to the path of Kundalini Yoga. After spending her birthday at a Prince concert, she fell asleep and heard a booming voice command her to do Kundalini Yoga…or else! The next day, she signed up for a monthly membership and fell in love with the wild, wonderful and healing technology of Kundalini. 

Over the years, Hari Satya left her corporate job in music and continued her journey into the healing arts. Her trainings include the Khalsa Way Prenatal Teacher Training, Golden Sol’s Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, reiki, astrology and birth doula training. She is currently training to be a certified hypnotherapist and loves to do guided meditations, especially around cultivating abundance and gratitude. 

A huge believer in the yogic science of the Naad, or the sacred and healing essence of sound, Hari Satya infuses her classes with a wide array of music, manifestation, mantra and dance-based movement. As a natural storyteller, Hari Satya approaches everything with a warm sense of humor and quirky (ir)reverence for the adventures of everyday life.  As Yogi Bhajan says, we are spiritual beings having a human experience and it is Hari Satya’s goal to help you remember the joy and divinity of your humanity. 

Hari Satya’s classes are body-positive, queer-friendly and inclusive. They are suitable for all levels of practitioner and any gender identification. Just bring your gorgeous radiant body and an open heart!