Amy & Marisol (the Golden & Sol) have been collaborating since 2011 with a mission to bring tools for inner and outer peace to the community. They have chosen teachers and practitioners that share one common goal: to help you step confidently in the light of your highest potential. 

We are seekers, we are parents, we are lovers, we are healers, we are artists, we are funny and smart. We are a collective of  people that want to spread healing and support wellbeing. 

We are your wellness guardians, creating a supportive atmosphere of community and healing.


Belinda - Jap Kirin


Jap Kirin spent the majority of her twenties traveling, learning/exploring different healing modalities, and studying under spiritual teachers. She has dedicated her life to gender equality, and works as a female empowerment coach and documentarian filmmaker.  She also hosts and produces a storytelling series called Sacred based on the foundations of the sacred feminine to cultivate and support the community.  She believes that by empowering women through self love, self awareness, and self acceptance we will empower and heal the world.  

Her appreciation for Kundalini Yoga is endless; she views it as an incredible tool to explore one’s true self and fully embrace the notion that we do NOT need something or someone outside ourselves to complete us or to be whole.  That our longing is for a connection to our infinite selves, and the more we honor that, the more we have to offer the world. Sat nam.

Beth - Sat Atma


Beth has studied and practiced yoga over the past 20+ years, and within that time has focused also on Kung Fu and African Dance. She has also begun studies in Yoga Therapy, using various methods including pressure points and meditation, for healing. As an artist, and also a production designer for film, her focus is trained on creating awareness around one's creative potential, tapping into the spark that ignites, and ultimately unites, us all. Beth also studies the metaphysical properties of crystals and stones, and the alignment of the planets and stars, always seeking ways to deepen self understanding, awareness, and acceptance—for it is in knowing, and loving, ourselves that we can truly know and love those with whom we share this Earth. 

Briana - Narayan Karta

briana ryan.jpg

Briana breathes passion - she is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Breathwork Healer, Reiki Master, Holistic Nutrition + Lifestyle Coach and Plant-Based Chef. Focusing initially on the healing powers of plant-based foods, Bri soon realized that nutrition was only part of the picture. This led her to dive more deeply into her studies of Kundalini yoga, breath and energy work—practices that have all been instrumental in her own path to healing. With gentle guidance and support, Briana helps clients bring awareness to old, unhealthy habits and mindsets that no longer serve them and teaches practices that nurture self-awareness, joy and growth in their stead. These practices help release false beliefs about the self; connect us deeply to our intuition; and allow us truly step into our fullest creative potential. Cumulatively, this transformation enables us to love ourselves more deeply and heal ourselves in mind, body and spirit.

Heather - Pritam Dhyan


Heather -Pritam Dhyan decided over a decade ago that yoga would be her modality for change. She began her journey of yoga upon her arrival to Southern California from New Orleans In 2002.  After exploring many different styles, it was through the transformational experience of Kundalini Yoga that her heart cracked wide open and her gifts as an artist, designer, and teacher were exposed. 

The guidance that Heather provides through this journey helps others feel supported to find that truth and awareness within themselves. When students arrive ready to "do the work” they are surrendering to the potential of experiencing their own personal transformation, and leave feeling elevated with the confidence to face the challenges of the day. Heather is currently sharing her passion for this discipline to private and group classes in the Los Angeles area. 



With more than twenty-five years of formal and informal meditation and yoga practice, Lara Plutte now teaches the practice of Mindfulness. It was when Lara became a mom, 13 years ago, that mindfulness meditation became her poignant practice. Lara has steeped herself since in mindfulness meditation to support the deep desire to be present for, accept, even embrace the wild ride of life moment by moment. Lara now combines her experience as a social worker, a teacher, a writer and a mom to support others in the practice of being present. Lara has a Masters in Social Work and the Arts, is a graduate of the InsightLA Mindfulness Facilitator Training Program and a wife and mom to two boys, two cats, one dog and one dragon.

Danielle - Manpreet

Manpreet Kaur.jpg

Manpreet is a Makeup Artist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and Mantra Music Artist born and raised in Ashland, Oregon. She has lived in Los Angeles for 14 years and began her Kundalini Yoga and meditation practice 12 years ago. She’s been teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for 6 years and is a devoted to sharing this user friendly form of yoga as a method for self healing and self empowerment. She encourages practitioners to move out of their physical and meditative comfort zones and believes this is where true progress can be made. Her classes are informative, challenging, and musical, and she hopes to inspire students towards their own greatness. 

Marisol - Satjeet


Marisol/Satjeet provides a safe environment for Self exploration through Kundalini Yoga. Her goal is simple, to help you remember that each moment offers an opportunity to grow, to touch the deep parts of your sacred nature. She believes the ultimate mission on our path is not to seek the divine but to remember We Are Divine. Her hope is that in the remembrance that you are whole and perfect life becomes a little more colorful and lively for you.

Marisol draws from nearly two decades of practice in bodywork, energy medicine, shamanic healing, and Ayurveda to aid you in your practice and listening to your body's needs.

Murphy - Param Daya


Prior to Kundalini Murphy had done 7 years of Hatha and Vinyasa as well as Tai Chi. He believes that there are many different practices to unlock one’s Dharma and that people evolve throughout their spiritual journey.  Currently the practices shared by Yogi Bhajan are making his heart sing and bringing self awareness and humanity in his life that he could never have imagined.  Now he shows up feeling blessed and ready to pay it forward.

Nadia - Hari Satya

Hari Satya thanks one of her personal ascended masters, Prince, for leading her permanently to the path of Kundalini Yoga. After spending her birthday at a Prince concert, she fell asleep and heard a booming voice command her to do Kundalini Yoga…or else! The next day, she signed up for a monthly membership and fell in love with the wild, wonderful and healing technology of Kundalini. 

A huge believer in the yogic science of the Naad, or the sacred and healing essence of sound, Hari Satya infuses her classes with a wide array of music, manifestation, mantra and dance-based movement. As a natural storyteller, Hari Satya approaches everything with a warm sense of humor and quirky (ir)reverence for the adventures of everyday life.  As Yogi Bhajan says, we are spiritual beings having a human experience and it is Hari Satya’s goal to help you remember the joy and divinity of your humanity. 



The youngest of three daughters and a first-generation American, Trinity lives for sharing modern and ancient techniques that lead to fulfillment in every moment.

She lives and teaches from the belief that at our core, we are wild and spirited creatures. Cultivated connection to the part of us that is born to grow through work and play is imperative to our human evolution. Integration of mind, body, and spirit in a techno age is possible when we honor our own individual creature pace. Know thy body, know thyself. Do what moves you.

Vicky Rose - Jap Dharam


Jap Dharam finished her KRI Level 1 teacher training 11 years ago at Golden Bridge in LA and has never looked back! Having been a teacher of one thing or another most of her adult life, she knows this is what she's meant to do and has merged it with her other great passion, music. As well as being an international recording artist, Jap Dharam continues her study of Kundalini Yoga with annual trips to India, Level Three classes and a deep, exploratory personal practice. She is also a certified Khalsa Way Pre-Natal Yoga teacher and Light Leaders Children’s Yoga teacher and the mother of two magical Divine Masculine souls she is proud to call her sons.