Seva Simran - Susan

Susan's (Seva Simran Kaur) has been teaching Hatha Yoga for 11 years and Kundalini Yoga since 2007.  She is also a Reiki Practitioner and is currently in a Master Reiki Level 1 Training with Raven Lee and Andrea-Marie Stark.  Her class focuses on self empowerment. Her goal is to help people find their inner teacher through awareness of the body, holding a space of compassion and self-love. In a comfortable and judgment-free space, one can release negative thought patterns and deep emotional issues, clear head-space, and experience deep healing on all levels. This class begins on the physical plane by learning to be present in the body and then moves into the subtle realms of higher energy. This experience will help you to connect to spirit, allowing you to play, grow, and gain ownership over your life's course.

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