When Amy and Marisol opened Golden Sol they were clear that not only was this business to serve the immediate participants but also offer opportunities for growth beyond the mat and into the world. If you've ever driven by skid row or accidentally took a wrong turn in downtown you have witnessed the desperation and homelessness in our own backyard. 

Many people speak of a paradigm shift and living consciously. What does that mean?

To Golden Sol that means taking positive action to uplift our community. Living consciously is not just a trendy term - it is a lifestyle that believes in the consequences of actions. Our focus has been to help bring comfort to the homeless women of Los Angeles by supporting the Downtown Women's Center. You can learn about them here.

Make A Difference. You Have A Choice!

Karma Option 1:

Golden Sol serves lunch on the first Sunday of every month to the women of the Downtown Women's Center. All of the ingredients for the meals are purchased by Golden Sol. If you would like to help fill up the tummies of these lovely ladies simply click the donate button below. Each month Golden Sol serves over 150 meals and this fund is for making sure that we can continue to support end hunger in our city. Any amount is welcome! 


Karma Option 2: 

Sunday helpers will meet at the Day Center at 9:30 am. The morning starts with a deep cleaning of the DWC's kitchen and is followed with a joyful experience of cooking up lunch for 150 women. Meals are served with your loving hands around noon and the day ends around 1pm.  If you would like to volunteer with us please email in advance to reserve your spot. This volunteer opportunity is open to all, sorry no young children. To join email us at: GoldenSolCollective@gmail.com