Golden Sol is home to some of the most caring and gifted holistic healers and integrative therapists in Los Angeles. We provide opportunities for you to heal on all levels. All sessions are by appointment only.

Please click on the practitioner's name below to view their page for more information on services and availability.

Acupuncture: Dr. Amanda Cohen and Stacy Lauren-Kon

Ayurveda: Raynaud Moreno, Marisol Rascon

Doula Services: Dr. Sada Simran

Energy Healing/Reiki: Marisol RasconKenna Conway, Gabriella D'Urso

Intuitives & Tarot Readers: Guinevere and Megan Maione

Massage: Kyle Taylor, Raynaud Moreno, and Marisol Rascon

Clinical Psychologist: Dr. Sada Simran

Rolfing Structural Integration: Kerry McKenna